2015 Competition Winners


Ordinary Bitter to OG 1040

Mark Shepherson 1st

Paul Baird 2nd

Ryan Shelton 3rd



GrainfatherPale Ale/ESB SG 1041 to SG 1050

John Driver 1st

Geoffrey Woodwin 2nd

Robert Neale 3rd




India Pale Ale to SG 1060

Ryan Shelton 1st

Thomas Yates 2nd

Chris Crouch 3rd



AngelhomebrewDry Stout to SG 1045

Allan Gayton 1st

Robert Neale 2nd

Nick Wooton 3rd



BrewbuilderAmerican Pale Ale to SG 1060

Nick Wootton 1st

Craig Vanrooy 2nd

Adrian Davis 3rd



IvbDark Mild and Porter

Willie McGee 1st

Dennis King 2nd

Kyle Townsend 3rd



BrewstoreWeizen / Weissbie / Witbier

Allan Gayton 1st

Tim Neobard 2nd

Wendy Shepherson 3rd



CopperkettleLager/Stout/Bitter Kit Beer

Thomas Yates 1st

Neil Palmer 2nd

Tim Neobard 3rd




HopngrapeWhite, Amber & Blush Wine

Sharon Gilbert 1st

Robert Bond 2nd

Neil Palmer 3rd




ThbRose & Red Wine

Adrian Davis 1st

Robert Bond 2nd

Chris Crouch 3rd






Paul Baird 1st

Paul Hearne 2nd

Craig Vanrooy 3rd







Best Beer in Show

Allan Gayton

Dry Stout to SG 1045







Best of Show

Sharon Gilbert

Mead in the White Wine class

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