The Community Interest Company


The Home Brew Festival was founded in 2014. The plan was to form an independent organisation to foster a social and competition event.  We have now formed ourselves into a Community Interest Company, (CIC), to take forward the aims and objectives of the previous events that were enjoyed by so many over the last few years.

As a Community Interest Company we are a not for profit organisation with the aim of  promoting home brewing and organise an annual festival to allow home brewers the opportunity to socialise and participate in competitions, informative lectures and demonstrations and share our home brew with other home brewers and those interested in home brewing.  We welcome you to join us in the The Home Brew Festival CIC.

You can access the membership form online at

So what are we planning?

The Festival 

The Festival is the centre piece of our organisation where we gather together for a fun and enjoyable weekend celebrating the hobby of home brewing.  We share our home brew in the famous Home Brew Bar, we can participate and listen to informative lectures to help improve our brewing.  You can enter your home brew into an accredited competition, judged by qualified international judges, with great prizes and feedback to improve your home brew.  The event is improving year on year as the funds allow and are re invested for the following year.

But why a Community Interest Company you may ask?

Forming a Community Interest Company ensures that the organisation remains not for profit, and protects the assets of the organisation with an Asset Lock.  This ensures that the Festival will continue to be run by, and more importantly, for home brewers.   The company invites all those interested to become members and register on our website.   Currently there is no membership fee. As a CIC we can no longer be bought or sold.


All persons registered with the Festival website become members of the The Home Brew Festival CIC.  We currently do not charge any membership fee.


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You can read our Articles of Association here.